Thursday, April 29, 2010

Billy Curringtong Baby!!!!!

THIS is Billy Currington. He's a country singer who came up to Anchorage on Tuesday and Dad, Vanessa, Devin and I went to see him in concert. But before I talk about the concert I want to give you some back ground.

THIS is my husband. Ryan. See the resemblance? When Ryan and I were dating we broke up a "few" times. The last time we broke up he broke my heart, that was when I realized I really loved him and was ready commit. Go figure. Anyway it was at this same time Billy Currington became more well known and started coming out with music vidoes that would steam up your bathroom mirrors. Or bedroom mirrors, eh hem. Since I already missed Ryan it made watching these vidoes even more painful and I developed a crush on Billy. But Billy never called, and eventually Ryan did, so I said "why not" to Ryan and "your on your own" to Billy. I was very happy to have my sweetheart back.

But still deep down I have a little crush on Billy, which I don't feel too bad admitting because it's because to me he looks like Ryan. So when we went to the concert I couldn't help but drool a little. (Ryan was on the slope so I've been without a man for a long long long long long long time)

There is my confession. Here is the fun we had.

Before the concert we went to Sacks Cafe for dinner and that was wonderful Here's us Waiting for it to start. The room was like 100 degrees, and it wasn't just me in my pregnant body, EVERYone there was hot and sweaty. Accept for that it was a great concert.

As we were driving everyone back to their cars we came upon these freaky masks in the dark. Well you can't pass something like this and NOT take a picture right? We had no clue what they were for, but they were spooky spooky.

Here's us acting dead.

Here's us acting spooky. My spooky and dead rendition may look very similar, but really.......they are. I just couldn't stop laughing.

It was a GREAT night!!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Trying Pig Tails...

It's hard trying trying to think of new ways to "style" Adelle's hair. This one's pretty cute :o) Any other ideas?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Hormone Surge...

Sometimes I have days that my hormones can't handle. Being almost 9 months pregnant these days are getting more and more frequent. And I am noticing them more with this second pregnancy. Probably just because there's more on my plate.

Story #1. I go to church usually alone since Ryan is always on the slope. So that means me, in heals and a skirt, with baby #1 in my arms, baby #2 in my belly, one diaper bag and my purse. Fun. Today as I got out of the car and collected this pack mule's load, the wonderful Palmer wind decided to blow up my skirt. Sky high so the lovely MODEST couple walking into the church to partake of the sacrament and feel the spirit could get a lovely shot of me in my glory. What can I do, I have no hands? And no shame anymore. I am sure they have no question as to my un-married looking appearance.

Story #2. To regain my composure and put my clothes back on I made my first stop at the bathroom, a pregnant woman's best friend. I left Adelle to toddle in the entry way, so when I was done I picked up the bags and just as I bent down to pick up Adelle, she fell. My Mama instincts kicked in and as I reached down fast as lightning to pick her up, the two bags on my one shoulder flew down too, knocking Adelle in the head. Sorry baby. I managed to get myself and my valuables into the chapel, just in time to sit down, sing the opening song and fight back the tears. I managed to keep it together, just barely.

Story #3. Feeding Adelle her lunch in the Mother's lounge. Just as I gave her a spoonful of yummy applesauce, she sneezed. All over me. Do I care anymore? Off to Young Women's feeling totally confident in myself. Applesauce splattered all over my shirt. If only that couple I flashed earlier could see me now. I will be the cheapest birth control they've ever used.

Story #4. I actually made it through church. A miracle. I left and walked out to my car, trying to keep my pained body in some sort of normal form as I walked. I will not wobble, I refuse! Then I got to my jeep. Some lovely person decided to park 2 feet away from the side of the jeep with the car seat. I couldn't have fit in that space to put Adelle in without my huge belly let alone with it. Again, lovely. I wobbled my way to the otherside of the jeep, set Adelle in the back seat with the bags, backed the jeep out, just to get Adelle and put her in her car seat.

I left that guy a very nice note, on the back of a Carl's Jr receipt.

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother going to church. I think we talked about Temples, but it could have been the second coming.

I am ready for my day of rest now.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pick up the egg? I don't get it.

This wasn't Adelle's first Easter, but last year she was only4 months and the only thing she cared about was Easter candy through Mamas milk. So this year we tried the whole Easter egg hunt thing. She is walking really well so that helped the "hunt", but she just didn't get it. Why do we want her to pick up the egg? I don't care, I want to keep on walking. When we showed her how to open the egg and the goodies inside THEN she became a little more interested in picking them up. She had the patience for 3 whole eggs! :o)

But we had fun. It's so fun now that she's walking. Ryan was home for one whole week after the three he was gone and we had so much fun just watching and laughing at her. I think Easter is the one holiday he was actually home for.