Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Moments that make you go "Ohhhh"

Many of you know we got two foster boys about two months ago. Age 9 and 10, brothers. When they came to our home they were Angy and sad, and fought with each other all of the time. They had behavioral problems that were severe, and a history that matched.

Ryan and I have been sharing the Gospel to these boys. They LOVE learning primary songs and singing them non-stop, we try to have Family Home Evenings each week, we read the Book of Mormon each night, the Elders have been teaching them each Sunday and we find as many opportunities to each them about the Gospel as we can.

On Sunday the Elders were over again and one of them noticed writing in B's Book of Mormon. He's the 10 year old. He asked B what was written. Ryan and I hadn't realized he had written anything on the blank page in the front and were initially worried he was graphitiing (sp?) in his scriptures. This is what he wrote:

"This belongs to B.A.O Jr given by the Missionaries Elder Stone and Elder Lowe in the year of 2010 Oct 4 about 7:30 pm 10 years old 5 months at Grandma Francis' house 5:30, Palmer Alaska in the living room by the fire place in a lesson of God and Jesus Christ. I will always remember this time."

It made my heart melt. This from a 10 year old! How wonderful sharing the gospel is. These boys have been happier since living and learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they play together so much better and their behavior problems are slowly receding. How rewarding to see the Lords Tender Mercies of our Heavenly Father in our lives.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Marbles and Life...

Remember those marble towers we played with as kids? You'd build this amazing course for the marbles to travel, and you made it your goal to put marble after marble after marble through the course without skipping a beat. How long could you do this for? Why was this challenge so exhilarating?
We got a marble tower set a week ago and my foster boys did this very thing and it made me reflect on my same actions as a child. Why we as children are attracted to the same monotonous action over and over, with a goal to KEEP IT GOING DON'T LET IT STOP.
Then tonight I was doing dishes. I was doing them at 10:00 at night because I knew if I didn't I would fall behind in the morning and I couldn't let that happen. One marble down the shoot. Pick up the toys before I go to bed....another marble. All of a sudden I realized my life is that tower. I load and unload that dishwasher multiple times a day, I get that feeling of satisfaction yet I didn't do anything different. Just setting up for the next marble so I don't lose my rhythm.
Maybe this is why we are so intrigued by this habitual game as children. Preparing us for the excitement of adulthood.
I have to say I am a little depressed at this thought.