Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Going green......

I am proud to say although my small family is living in a temporary home that is very small, we have decided to plant a garden. Thanks to walmart we bought two jiffy plant starters, complete with a "greenhouse" effect lid, capable of growing 50 plants. (of course not past a few inches....).
Ryan and I bought a cute little house out in the valley accross from the fairgrounds and my sister Vanessa. We move in May first and are so excited! I figure we can plant our veggies here, then when we move out there we can try our hand at a real live garden. I have to say growing things (babies aside) is not my specialty. I have a purple thumb. Not black cause the things I grow stay alive for a while, then seem to die out of the blue. Really very tragic, but I figure if it's a commandment, I have to keep repenting and trying again. So here we go........We've planted: lettuce, cabbage, zuccini's, peas, carrots, rutabagas, cucumbers, radishes and all the weeds in between. Here's the "just planted" shot. If you don't see an update with happy green begginings in a few weeks, it means they died and I'll try again next year. Lets cross our fingers....

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  1. Good luck with the garden. I have a purple thumb too.