Thursday, August 11, 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pictures That Melt Hearts...

Ryan is back on a two week on/two week off schedule and he has requested some pictures. This is a boring shmoring post because i have no "subject" to blog about. I've actually thought of shutting down my blog because I never have anything great to blog about. BUT Ryan wants me to keep it so I can send him pictures. So I will keep it up for him.....update it once a year.........just for him. Please don't feel guilty for deleting me off your blog list. I'd delete myself if I could :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shaeli, Kali and baby Grant

My sister in Law Shaeli had her second child Grant about two weeks ago and so I got my first opportunity to take some newborn pictures. Unfortunately I didn't really plan for it, I just showed up with a camera so I didn't get any great newborn poses. But with a beautiful Mama my job was made easy.

It was so much fun I am looking forward to my next photo shoot, get ready Vanessa cause I am going to shoot you!!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Latest Project...

We bought a wooden highchair and what good is a wooden highchair without a cute little vintage cushion? This is my latest project, and honestly it took a bit for it to get into the blogger world. But I am super happy it's finished. I am in love with these vintage florals :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Potty Training at Church?

Today was the first day of chuch that Adelle has been "potty trained". I guess I should give an udpate, potty training is going really really well. At home she initiates pottying all by herself. But when we go out.....thats a much wetter story. She's still scared of big pottys so I usually have to bribe her with chocolate and than sit her on my lap on the toilet. Oh yes, it can be done, NO pictures to follow.
The first time in the bathroom at church she didn't want to sit on my lap on the toilet. I had to coax her with my kind and reasuring words for all in the bathroom to hear:
Me: OK Adelle, come sit on my lap.
Adelle sits on lap willingly
Me: GOOD job Adelle! Now can you go pee pee?
Push, come on, try! Come on Adelle go pee pee, go pee pee go pee pee go pee pee
Adelle: pushing and grunting souds
tinkle tinkle
How can you not scream from the mountain tops for that? She MUST be praised! And then, because I wanted her to do it again and feel that wonderful PRIDE I felt I HAD to sing the "Pee Pee in the Potty" song which we usually do. Of course she sang back.
It's funny because I am sure everyone in the bathroom heard this wonderful process from babe to girl hood. If I been that someone in the bathroom listening to all of this I would have been grinning from ear to ear.
So why do I never get so lucky?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Potty Training DAY 1

Today was Adelle's first potty training day! This was the method I used, my mother used it on me/us and it worked. I ordered it off of ebay and although I was very excited for it to come in the lady who sold it to me I imagine smoked and blew it all over the doll all day long for laughs and giggles. After complaining she gave me a $10 refund. Who's laughing now???
The set came with the necessary pee pee Patty Dolly. She pees, you start the training by training the doll and the child watches and learns from the doll, than the child, undertsanding the process finds her own potty success.
The majority of the cost for this kit was for the doll. It's a real bummer too didn't work. I got the smoke smell out, but when I was playing with the doll it accidentally pee'd on Adelle. She HATED that doll after that. She would yell "No no no no" when she'd see it. Every lesson I tried to "teach" the doll Adelle cried and ran away. Finally I went against the book and set the doll aside.
The morning started out rough. Before I fed Adelle I through her in the car with Lydia and dropped Lydia off with my Mom. Adelle didn't want to play with the doll, there was a lot of fighting and crying and I was about to give up then. We waited about....1 hr before Adelle finally had to pee. She'd had a lot to drink, and she peed on the hard wood. THEN we did the potty runs, read the book.
After that she went three times in the potty, initiated by herself, yay!!! She had one other accident and we did more potty runs. We did have to go pick up Lydia at dinner and Adelle had an accident then. So she self initianted pee in the potty about 8 times and only had 2 1/2 accidents. Not bad if I do say so myself!!!

It was very funny beacuse when I got out the camera she got all silly acting. I thought maybe she was getting sick, but then I saw that she was shy. When I asked if she was shy I got the affermative on that.

I know this wasn't much detail, again, read the book. Tomorrow will be another fun day, no more chocolate for going potty. One of these days soon we'll have to get the potty out of the living room.
But I am SO proud of my big girl! She was proud of herself too, but I did notice with the big change I got some awesome cuddles. The best I've had in a long time. Totally worth it!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My New Toy...

Yes, I have a new toy. Can you tell? My dear husband bought me what I've been wanting for a year or so, a new camera :). It's a canon Rebel T2i, really what that means is it's a REALLY GOOD CAMERA.
I have been wanting to get into photography and thanks to my photographer friend Nickie and my husband for getting my new camera, I am on my way. Of course I am just starting out but I've been learning a lot and really having so much fun in the process. Here's some of my camera fun.
Adelle and her buddy/cousin Darion. Can you tell how much she loves him?

This is at a play date and Adelle really wanted to put on her friends swim trunks.

Lydia is my little miracle. I've never met such a happy baby, and I probably never will.

Billy and Chase, our newest additions.
With the days getting brighter my dreams of being outside and starting my garden are getting closer. It has been SO beautiful, it is my happy drug.
Stay tuned for "Adelle's Potty Training in One Day" post. I ordered the kit and it should be here any day now. It had really better hurry because she is ready and so am I. She's quickly becoming a nudist. The most popular line around here is "boys, cover your eyes!"