Sunday, March 6, 2011

My New Toy...

Yes, I have a new toy. Can you tell? My dear husband bought me what I've been wanting for a year or so, a new camera :). It's a canon Rebel T2i, really what that means is it's a REALLY GOOD CAMERA.
I have been wanting to get into photography and thanks to my photographer friend Nickie and my husband for getting my new camera, I am on my way. Of course I am just starting out but I've been learning a lot and really having so much fun in the process. Here's some of my camera fun.
Adelle and her buddy/cousin Darion. Can you tell how much she loves him?

This is at a play date and Adelle really wanted to put on her friends swim trunks.

Lydia is my little miracle. I've never met such a happy baby, and I probably never will.

Billy and Chase, our newest additions.
With the days getting brighter my dreams of being outside and starting my garden are getting closer. It has been SO beautiful, it is my happy drug.
Stay tuned for "Adelle's Potty Training in One Day" post. I ordered the kit and it should be here any day now. It had really better hurry because she is ready and so am I. She's quickly becoming a nudist. The most popular line around here is "boys, cover your eyes!"


  1. Oh I am so glad you have a nice camera! I love my xti, and I know you will love yours...I am slightly jealous that your takes videos ! I got mine 3 years ago and it doesn't take videos. Enjoy!!!

  2. Nice pictures! You are lucky to have a photographer friend to help you learn the ropes. I love taking pictures, too bad we don't live closer and could be photography buddies!

    Your girls are adorable, by the way.