Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Eve....

The day before memorial day my fandamily got together for a bonfire at the Campbells and ate yummy smores and had great conversation. I have learned a TRICK to being better at taking pictures, but it requires some trust. I have started entrusting certain older cousins with my camera and asking them to go hog wild taking pictures of EVERYONE! (if you don't specify this you will end up with 100 pictures of just the kids making stupid faces.) It's great because they love taking pictures and being "responsible", and you get a good choice of pictures to chose from without having to always step away to take them. So this picture was taken by Emma Olsen.

Ryan and I went on our first bike ride with Adelle, and it was....interesting. We drove just down the road to visit Vanessa and Nathan. It was a beautiful day, sun a shinning, birds a chirping and wind a blowin. Unfortunately we didn't take into account that little Adelle babies don't like the wind a blowin so much, so she was pretty fussy the whole way there.

We felt bad turning around to drive home and putting her through that all over again, so Vanessa volunteered to drive her home. (DO NOT ask us how she did it, we don't remember...) So this picture was taken after a sweet aunt Vanessa made a little wind blown Adelle feel better. Unfortunately sweet Aunt Vanessa wasn't wearing any make-up so I am doing her the honors of not posting her beautiful face in the picture. Only because I love you Vanessa, no one would have noticed!

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  1. Oh!!! Your bbq looks so fun! I wanna come and hang out with you guys! And what a sweet little girl, I LOVE her bonnet!