Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Life....

As I was driving to Vanessas the other day I saw the most beautiful sight. These are snow geese, which I had never seen before. They all got up and flew in a circle away from the tractor, before landing again in the same field. It was the most beautiful thing but I couldn't pull over in time to catch a picture of it. I did some Snow Geese research and found this picture, which was similar to what I saw. There were hundreds of them!

Here's the picture I was able to catch, unfortunately after they landed.
So we did it. We are now residing in Palmer Alaska, YAY! We moved out here two nights ago, packed and unpacked and unpacked some more. Luckily Ryan had a whole day to help move us all in before flying up to the slope. Adelle and I are home alone, with a house full of boxes and chaos. It's SO hard unpacking, I can never seem to just put one box away. There's always something in there that requires me to open another box, or put it aside till I find a place for it. It's kinda like a bubble chart. Remember those from elementary school? They just keep going and going and going. So much to do with so little energy. But it feels so nice to have our own place. Too bad Ryan's not here to sweat and stress over it with me. Uga uga.
The weather has been in the 70's, and of course I am spending all my time indoors, unpacking and feeding baby. Lifes so unfair sometimes, and yet so fair others. I guess it's just roll with the flow, ya know?

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  1. You are amazing! A new baby and a new house. WOW. I'm having a bit of a freak out just thinking about actually having this baby. I wish I could come over and help! I'll send all my greatest thoughts to you. Love you!