Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Over Night Camping...FINALLY!

I apologize ahead of time, this is going to be a long post. But I am SO excited about going camping for the first time this year, AND with Adelle. And I am so happy about it because we had so much fun, and Adelle did so good. She was happy and content most of the time, even when her ears and hands were cold, she smiled through the whole thing. Camping means so much to me and I am glad to know we can do it without a crying miserable baby.

Ryan took us to Jim Creek in Palmer, which is a big camping hot spot but I had never been there. It was so much more beautiful than I had thought. There was so much to see, and so many FREE places to camp. It was right alongside Jim Creek, but which is really more like a river, it was very big.

This is the perfect place to go biking or 4-wheeling, there were trails going in every direction.

It was very very windy. Ryan said it was the worst he'd ever seen it. The sand was blowing everywhere, I kept expecting to see a horse skeleton coming out of the sand, like in the desert.
It didn't feel like Alaska, but it was beautiful.

This is part of the dried up river. It was silt for miles and miles.

Ryan had to wade across a part of the river to feel how soft the silt was beneath to make sure the jeep wouldn't sink in it. We got across safely, many times.

Trying to get set up for camp, we set Adelle on a camping chair. It was shocking how incredibly happy she was there. Just watching the world go by, she was such a champ!

For dinner, ribs! And LOTS of them :o) And we use Chris' favorite Bar-B-Que sauce, "Sweet Baby Ray's". It was Heavenly!

Can you guess what this is? Your right! It's Adelle's make-shift bed! Works perfectly, keeps out the bugs and the sun, and keeps in the warmth. It's rather crafty if I may say so myself. (All you baby rights crazy people out there....I don't want to hear it. The only way this will effect her when she's older is her using this on her own kids. And yes it has holes for air)

Good night us.

Good night Little Thing.

Good Morning Mom! As Ryan got up and started the fire, I fed Adelle. She took over Dad's warm sleeping bag.

I decided to give Adelle a taster of my hot chocolate. (Warm chocolate) She was IN LOVE with it! When I took it away she followed it devoutly with her eyes.

This is what happens when you say "no more hot chocolate little thing."

As we were walking along the river bed I stumbled on this LOVEly rock....

and then Ryan found one of his own. It was a very fun camp out. Now the question is where should we go next, and who will come with us?


  1. I didn't realize you had a blog-so glad you posted the link on facebook! I wonder where Adelle gets the chocolate thing from? :) She's too stinkin' cute!

  2. Yay for camping! Your little family is so cute!!! Glad you had fun...and you don't need to apologize for long posts...I love them!!!

  3. What a fun camping trip! I LOVE the pictures, it definitely looks different like something not in Alaska, but then again, AK's the last frontier, who knows what you'll find! Her little bed is hiliarious, but what a good idea!