Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And Randy Joins the Herd...

So here it is, in RANDOM order, our day in Seward and then our camping trip at Hidden lakes!

At the horrible Pizza place in Seward. DONT go there!!

In Seward the kids played at the park, and so did we.

Walking on the dock in Seward. Outside of the picture there are three nice Coast Guard men waiting for us crazies to take the picture so they can pass. They were even nice enough to suggest we ask for a tour of the Coast Guard ship which was three ships down. (We think they were playing a joke on their buddies.)

See whats in that blue tub? Remember from my earlier blog? Adelle's little head poking out of her "bed", and a bunch of curious little boys wanting to play with her.

The Man Randy makes his first Alaskan FIRE!

Randy's first born grandchild in he and Mom's marriage. A special moment, but I think Adelle's more interested in the squirrel. Sorry Randy, deep down she loves you.

I think this is camping bowling....uphill. I don't get it either.

Adelle put her feet in a lake for the first time. Mama LOVED sharing this with her. Her, not so much.

The moment Adelle heard the peaceful water she fell immediately to sleep in my arms. The poor little thing was sick with the piggy flu the whole time.

Everyone but Mom Randy and Chris went swimming and we had a GREAT time!

Then I figured "Hey, we're already wet, might as well get clean while were in here. ("Lake" clean is better than NO clean)

*Sniff Sniff* We miss you Mom and Randy. Coming home to my empty home was very sad, and unpacking all the food you bought for us.

Because I didn't want to post everything at once, I figured I'd save some for later. So stay tuned for the wonderful and exciting "Adventure of the chocoholic Squirrel".


  1. Um-is it just my stupid computer or is all your text just symbols? Cute pics though!

  2. Oh you watch out I am going to hunt you down, hack into your blog and everyone will know about your identity theft habit!!
    You terd!!!!