Sunday, July 5, 2009

Girdwood Forest Fair

So me mama got into town friday night, late. Devin, Vanessa and her brood and Adelle and I all met her at the airport and then took her out to Denny's. Fun fun night! The next morning we went to the Girdwood forest fair.

Adelle did not sleep more than maybe 20 minutes the whole day. That little thing was pooped! It was pretty sad for me, she got fussy and beside herself towards the end. But we distracted her with some pretty flowers at the Bake Shop! Growing up one of our family traditions was driving down to Girdwood and going to the Bake Shop for one of their delicious Cinnamon rolls. They are truly the best!

More adventures with Mama and the family to come!

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  1. what super cute pics ariane! it's so fun to see pictures of you guys since we don't live close enough to hang out!