Saturday, September 12, 2009

Learning to Can Can...

Ryan's grandparents, the Bests, have a garden and an orchard. They are my hero's. I look up to them because they are the definition of Provident living. There is nothing they can't do for themselves. They are willing to teach me all that I want to know about gardening and such, so I visit them often and am fed with knowledge. I told them when they were ready to harvest their apples they HAD to call me so I could help. They did, and Adelle and I went over and spent almost 8 hours picking, preparing and canning. On the second day Ryan had come home, so he helped with the picking, then helped grandpa do some rototilling and guy stuff.

There were quite a few yellow jackets eating the rotting apples, so we had to pick around them. This one posed very nicely.

Adelle was a big help. She had fun chewing on apples with her two
little teeth, and then sucking out the juice.

We canned apple sauce and apples in a pie filling. (That one wasn't my favorite.) The apples were small so that made a lot of peeling and cutting work. But I got to learn more about Ryan's family history, and about gardening life. These cans are just a drop in the bucket. Then grandma gave me my own large bucket of apples, so Ryan and I came home and canned those as well. *Whewf*

It was worth it!


  1. Look at Adelle holding that apple so good! She`s a real girl! You guys are so awesome, I am so glad Ryan was there. He better be so thankful to have such a cool wife! You know he was thinking the hole time APPLE PIE!

  2. I've been canning tomatoes and peaches-so not looking forward to the apples! What a cute little Adelle you have!