Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Whats Happinin at the Marley's

A LOT of things have been going on here at the Marley home. It's been so hectic I can barely enjoy the good parts. But here are some happy highlights.

One very exciting event was decorating for Christmas before Ryan left. Adelle was our support team.

For Ryan's birthday I was able to find the perfect deal on a husky puppy. Something we've both wanted, but him more than me. ( I am the one who's pregnant and home ALL the time cleaning up the dog discharge. He's conveniently on the slope a lot :o))

It has been very stressful trying to potty train a puppy and take care of Adelle. Plus all the other daily stuff that goes on. One obstacle is how to get anything done with Nelly attacking Adelle. Nothing a little rope can't handle.
Here is Nelly howling in agony to get off the cord and play with Adelle and I. Sometimes Adelle needs some "not get jumped by the puppy" time. Sometimes we all do.

It looks like Nelly is biting Adelle but really she's gently mouthing her. She has actually tried to really hard to control her little doggy self around her. She knows I am very protective so she is hesitant when trying to play with Adelle. And Adelle loves her! They also share toys very nicely! (Good job kiddos. Make Mama proud!)

The bad things this dog does. These WERE my chicken wings. Along with poop and pee, I get to clean up red chicken wing sauce from the carpet. Fun.

One thing thats cute but also annoying is she likes to follow me around and lay at my feet. It becomes a challenge for her because when I am in the kitchen (where she's tied up at times) I am busy busy busy. Walking from here to there she ends up standing and laying every 30 seconds, only to have to get up and follow me again. This picture was taken after sleeping at my feet, and then being so out of it she wasn't awake to follow me. Pretty cute I think. (but annoying when your constantly tripping over the cord)

Today was Issiac, Darion and Marks birthday. To celebrate the twins birthday Melissa, Aidan, Adelle and I and Vanessa the twins went to H2Oasis water park. Adelle first time swimming!
Love this Aidan look. "What did I do?"

Birthday Boys. They're 5 now. Wow!

Adelle was as happy as a clam watching her cousins splash and swim. She was grinning from ear to ear the whole hour. Had a LOT to say to them too as they swam by.

We ended our day by teaching Adelle to play on her haunches. She had a lot of fun grabbing all the balls and just switching the toys back and forth. One more manipulative step by Mom to get her to crawl.

(The real question is where's Nelly during the 5 seconds it took me to take this picture?)


  1. What a cute little girl (and puppy too!) I don't know how you do it though-I could never put a puppy in my new house!
    Love your Christmas tree!

  2. BTW-the blog you have for me on your sidebar- I never update that one. Our family one is www.nateandstacia.blogspot.com

  3. Wow lots of goings on. The tree looks beautiful. I know how you feel. Sometimes I have to tie Logan up in the kitchen so Alan can get a little break from Logan jumping on him. Ok I am kidding I would never tie Logan up, but it is funny how much puppies can be like siblings when they are all little.