Monday, December 7, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

This is going to be an interesting post because it is in NO way in order. We jump around a lot, so please stay with me on this journey.

Ever since my family was young it was a tradition to do family gingerbread houses with the WHOLE Alaskan family. Since growing up we've continued this tradition, and this year we even had Wayne and Peggy drive out for the occasion. Just like old times.

The grand finalee of the night was a great game of Mafia. THAT was fun! Again, completely out of order.

After the houses were done we cleaned up and watched Shrek the Halls, which everyone seems to love. (I am not a Shrek fan)

This is my simple house. Ryan and I didn't have the greatest crops this year so the small amount of money we did have has gone to pay the mortgage. And the Campbell's home had a leaky roof so they stayed with us for a few months. Our little home will have to wait till next year to be more splenderiffic.


This post is also a bit late, we did gingerbread houses over a week ago. But even though life has been crazy I still feel it deserved a post. It was a pretty great event.


  1. HEY my smerf homes might have been a little leaky but they were the kids favorite! That definitely was a fun day! I found the twins yesterday playing Gingerbread houses it was so cute!

  2. Wow-I'm impressed! Even your "simple" house was amazing!

  3. I really missed out on coming to this. I hope I am invited again next year. I was bummed, but I had a great class that I had signed up for before the date change. Count me in next year! But it looks like there wouldn't have been room for doug and I around that table.

  4. Awwwww, I'm so jealous!!! We did a little house out of a box this year, just me and the kids, and it only took about 30 minutes and I missed you all! Thanks for sharing all the pictures!