Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Cousin Play Date

Melissa and Chris' little boy came over yesterday to play. As you can see Aidan is VERY gentle with Adelle. Doesn't she look so comfortable? What was cute was Aidan HAD to have the boppi in the picture. I am not sure that he knew what it was used for, he seemed to think it was a photo prop.

Bonus picture, it was too cute i had to include it. When she's crying I tell her I'd pay her $100 for one of her heart stopping smiles. She has yet to take me up on that offer, she only smiles when SHE wants to. But oh is it worth it!

I Think My Thumb is Turning Green....

So it apears I may not be a serial plant killer after all. They are growing, some are slower at it then others, but we all have different strengths. It's so fun to watch beautiful creations made from simple soil. So many lessons to be learned in growing a garden.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Also while we were at Walmart (we don't live there, promise) we found another great deal. These two plants, which would normally cost around $60 at a greenhouse were marked at $13 each. I couldn't believe it and thought they must have made a mistake. I stood there in wonder along with other walmart shoppers, thinking we'd get our hopes up and then learn at the register that yes they were infact mis-marked. Well it was our lucky day, they were indeed that cheap, so we got two. For all you Alaskans, Walmart in Mid-town, check it out. They had other plants there as well. So it seems this was our lucky day for getting ready for spring. Hopefully they will stay alive under my care.

Going green......

I am proud to say although my small family is living in a temporary home that is very small, we have decided to plant a garden. Thanks to walmart we bought two jiffy plant starters, complete with a "greenhouse" effect lid, capable of growing 50 plants. (of course not past a few inches....).
Ryan and I bought a cute little house out in the valley accross from the fairgrounds and my sister Vanessa. We move in May first and are so excited! I figure we can plant our veggies here, then when we move out there we can try our hand at a real live garden. I have to say growing things (babies aside) is not my specialty. I have a purple thumb. Not black cause the things I grow stay alive for a while, then seem to die out of the blue. Really very tragic, but I figure if it's a commandment, I have to keep repenting and trying again. So here we go........We've planted: lettuce, cabbage, zuccini's, peas, carrots, rutabagas, cucumbers, radishes and all the weeds in between. Here's the "just planted" shot. If you don't see an update with happy green begginings in a few weeks, it means they died and I'll try again next year. Lets cross our fingers....

Friday, March 20, 2009

All The Emotions in Only 10 Minutes....

Mornings are fun because Adelle is the happiest. Trying to get a cute smile picture I ended up getting so many other "feelings" from my little girl. What is she trying to tell me? Or is this foreshadowing her future mood-swings years to come?

My Favorite.......






Saturday, March 7, 2009

Me and Adelle

Here's our little girl Adelle. Being a Mom is SO much fun, I am learning a lot! Adelle is learning how to be a little person, she's doing pretty good at it. Our biggest problem is her colic, ya, she used to cry a lot! Now we have her on some herbs to help her digestion and she's doing a lot better. I left my camera at my sisters house, when I get it back I'll post more!