Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting Things Done...

I've been busy getting some projects finished. As projects for me tend to go, they always take a lot longer and have much more backtracking than I anticipate. So here are two projects that I finally finished at about the same time.

Ryan painted this $35 crib, it was a lot of work for him but I really love it. I love it's vintage look. My contribution was the bumper. There were 3 different patterns that I went through before deciding on this one. I did a LOT of unstitching and starting over. I thought it would be much like a long skinny quilt, but I found it more difficult for many reasons. But it's finished and I am pleased with it.

Next I will be making a matching quilt for baby Lydia. That should be much easier and I am excited to get started on that. (well excited now that all my other hair pulling projects are finished)

This antique rocking chair was a craigslist find that we got for $75. I painted it white and then re-upholstered it. Its not the best baby-rocking chair, so I've matched it to go in the living room. I know the white on white makes it different to see the detail, but it has some beautiful engraving that I love.


  1. I would LOVE to make Lydia a cute quilt too! Good job on that bumper, you are so industrious you attempt things that I would never! I am so proud you are my Sis!

  2. Go you! I love the old rocking chair!

  3. Oooh, I love all of the redos, so fun! The crib bumper is so cute, and I love the rocking chair!