Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am Grumpy...

Yes, thats right. I am blogging because I am grumpy. The kind of grumpy that makes you feel like a little kid, the kind where you want to lay on the floor on your back and kick and scream to make the problem go away. Funny because I don't ever remember throwing fits like that when I was little. I am sure I never did. But it's in my blood now.

Adelle and Lydia's bumpber that I made, the one a few posts down, has to be taken apart and re-batted. (is that the word?) The batting I used was too thin so it flops over. So I spent hours adding boning through-out to help it stand up. It looks good in theory, but once Adelle gets to it it looks like an embarrassing mess. I can't take it anymore, I have to re-do it. And that means pretty much re-doing the whole thing. Plus I don't even know how to get the thickest batting into a long skinny bumper. Any suggestions?

Anyway, I am grumpy. Mad grumpy. I keep telling myself once I am done with it I will be glad I put forth the effort. Thats what I told myself before the boning idea. So here I go, on to plan F.

Until then I will search for a lesson I can take from this STUPID BUMPER PROJECT!


  1. OK girlfriend!! Deep breathing! I am NOT seeing the folding over AT ALL!!!! I would add more ties in before I would pull the seam ripper out. If you are all in for adding batting, we used warm and natural and folded it to our desired thickness (very thick). However, a friend of mine suggested using Nu-Foam baby bumper batting. I say, forget it, put your feet up and RELAX because two kiddos is sooo different than one, but if it will make you happy go for it. Wish I could help you!!!!! Keep us posted on what you decide. *hugs*

  2. You are so awesome to tackle all the projects that you do, you an amazing sister!!!! We can have a grump fest if you need it! You can be grumpy and today I am sleepy!