Monday, March 15, 2010

Finally it's Happening!!!!

We know that our child is delayed in the crawling area. Her chiropractor suggested that since she had a kinked back as a newborn it created the habit of not wanting to round her back, as is needed to crawl. He said she would never crawl, so we gave up hoping. (this sounds like a paralysis/car accident miracle, I guess thats how proud we are)

In Adelle's defense she is actually walking better than she is crawling. As long as you walk beside, in front or behind her she can go around the room, turn, and change directions. So even though walking is her preferred mode of transportation, I've really been working with her to crawl. By working I mean bribing her with thin mints. It was the only thing that worked, she LOVES those things!

Anyway, enjoy the very short clip. After taping this she learned to sit, then crawl, then sit, and got a lot better. Stay tuned and I'll get some more crawling clips up, and some walking ones as well. I haven't been able to get clips onto the blog before now, thats why your just now seeing them.


  1. Two in her mouth, one in her fist. Looks like a perfect time to take a breather! What a cutie!