Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pick up the egg? I don't get it.

This wasn't Adelle's first Easter, but last year she was only4 months and the only thing she cared about was Easter candy through Mamas milk. So this year we tried the whole Easter egg hunt thing. She is walking really well so that helped the "hunt", but she just didn't get it. Why do we want her to pick up the egg? I don't care, I want to keep on walking. When we showed her how to open the egg and the goodies inside THEN she became a little more interested in picking them up. She had the patience for 3 whole eggs! :o)

But we had fun. It's so fun now that she's walking. Ryan was home for one whole week after the three he was gone and we had so much fun just watching and laughing at her. I think Easter is the one holiday he was actually home for.


  1. First off I am so GLAD that there was no dog poop in any of those pictures cuz that was a little embarrassing doing that egg hunt in our gross yard.

    Secondly what is Aiden doing in that picture???? I am not sure what facial expression that is, or more than anything what emotion is he portraying?

    Thirdly I am so glad that we have another cute cousin for family traditions, I sure love that little Adelle!

  2. Cute little girl! And your belly looks so cute too, you look great!

  3. Oh fun! We finally got around to getting an egg hunt set up for M by the Monday after, but it was still fun.

    Oh, and yeah right about that being a pregnancy post, I am not drinkin' that water right now, no way! :D Love you tons!