Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Campin Crazies!

The WHOLE family went down to Seward to Primrose campground. We camped for 4 whole days! This was Lydia's first camping experience, of course she's only 7 weeks. Adelle is older now and I have to say a little more difficult. At sleeping that is. We started off having Adelle in the tent with us, but after night #1 she ended up in the back of the jeep. That was the save all for our trip, we all slept so much better. Lydia slept in her blue rubbermade tote. She was a champ.

This is the greatest story! Aidan made a "trap" for the wild animals. A trail of pretzels leading to a trip cord that would send the animal plumeting into the river. Unfortunately it was late at night and he didn't take into account the other "wild" animals in the area, Gracie dog. This was not his intent and he was not happy. Looking back it was mean of me to laugh. Sorry Aidan.

Adelle loves her Daddy no matter how scary he is. (he wasn't trying to be)

Here is Lydia in her tote. She slept so well and was a happy camper.

The crew (and their legs)

One of our favorite places in Seward is Lowell point. We had so much fun sitting on the beach and watching the Campbell kids play in the waves. (The Olsens had gone home by then :o()

Adelle wanted SO bad to play in the water with the cousins, so we thought...why not? We took off her pants and took her to the water

It wasn't as fun as she thought it would be. The water was cold. She kept lifting her feet and gesturing for Daddy to pick her up. But when he did she would want to get back down and play. Eventually she got used to it and was most adorable on the beach.

She just adores Auntie Vanessa.

This is our last morning breakfast. Don't they look so cheery?

My Love.

The last morning I was in the tent feeding Lydia. Adelle was walking around outside as I was talking through the tent to Ryan. She wanted to find me so she walked around the tent babbling for me. I started talking to her and she got so excited "talking" to me through the tent. But where was I. She LOVED when I opened the window. Mystery solved. I love my little girl and I am so glad she loves me.
Lydia did so well I am sure she will be a great camper too. Both of my girls were great, hardly any crying, they just enjoyed themselves. And I am glad that my whole family loves to camp. Did I mention it was cold and rained most of the time? We can have fun in ANY situation. I love my family.


  1. Oh...I miss Watson family reunions! It looks like you had so much fun! Love you all! Your girls are ADORABLE!!!

  2. I miss Alaska. It's SO beautiful there! And I love how you stay camping even with the little ones.

  3. Oh I was laughing the whole time remembering parts of that trip! I loved the CHEERY picture how funny Devin and Ty look miserable they must not have eaten yet! And I love that little Adelle!

  4. oh my goodness, this sounds like SO much fun! I wish I had been there! I love camping and I am way impressed with your two little babes and their love for camping too!