Sunday, July 11, 2010

She's Growing...

Lydia had a hard time gaining weight when she was first born, she had bad baby diahrea. Her little gut has figured things out and she's been putting on weight steadily. I thought I'd post an updated picture of her since I have been really bad at that.
Here's Little Lydi at 7 weeks. She's a happy baby and loves to smile and is starting to coo. I will post smiling pictures later.
If you look really close you'll notice her lips are purple. She has thrush poor thing, so the herbal remedy which is called genetian violet is purple, like ink. So she's fine just looks like a little punk rocker.


  1. We gave Ellie a dose of the purple mouth. She looked a mess, but it cleared it up faster than anything!

  2. She is beautiful! You and Ryan make beautiful babies! Glad she is doing better with her weight!

  3. I love her purple lips its better than an alien baby!!! She is such a sweet little girl, I love that she is awake more and I get to know her personality!