Friday, February 12, 2010

Around the Room in 5 min...

I've noticed that our days are starting to look much the same. Adelle's interest in her toys is waning, and being that I am pregnant I get exhausted of bending over 50 times a day to re-direct her interest, get her new toys, pick up the old ones, etc etc. She is ALWAYS happy if you just take her to the wall. Or her walking toy or the table or the fridge or wherever. She will spend hours walking in circles around our main level. She's really good and she's getting really fast, lately she has been galloping along the longer walls. So here she is, on her daily adventure around the room. (which she repeats over and over and over)

Starting point: the couch, my purse and the lap top. And usually me.

She's so fast I couldn't get her cruising along all her walking toys. Here we enter the kitchen.

She reminds me of a rock climber. When she first started out she would go along a long wall, then look back and realize how far she'd come and get a little scared.

She loves getting over to the slidding door, because thats usually where Nelly dog is outside waiting for Adelle to play through the window. And they have fun "playing".

And on to round 6. Thanks for taking this journey with us!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am Grumpy...

Yes, thats right. I am blogging because I am grumpy. The kind of grumpy that makes you feel like a little kid, the kind where you want to lay on the floor on your back and kick and scream to make the problem go away. Funny because I don't ever remember throwing fits like that when I was little. I am sure I never did. But it's in my blood now.

Adelle and Lydia's bumpber that I made, the one a few posts down, has to be taken apart and re-batted. (is that the word?) The batting I used was too thin so it flops over. So I spent hours adding boning through-out to help it stand up. It looks good in theory, but once Adelle gets to it it looks like an embarrassing mess. I can't take it anymore, I have to re-do it. And that means pretty much re-doing the whole thing. Plus I don't even know how to get the thickest batting into a long skinny bumper. Any suggestions?

Anyway, I am grumpy. Mad grumpy. I keep telling myself once I am done with it I will be glad I put forth the effort. Thats what I told myself before the boning idea. So here I go, on to plan F.

Until then I will search for a lesson I can take from this STUPID BUMPER PROJECT!