Friday, April 17, 2009

A Night of Watson Bliss......

So my whole family: Dad, his girlfriend Lauri and her son Thomas, Melissa and Chris, Ryan and I, Vanessa and Nathan, Devin and his date Christopher (Watson), all went and saw Monty Pythons Spamalot opening night. We wanted to get food before, but due to every ones different finances (or lack thereof), we decided to ghetto it up at the 5th Ave mall food court. One thing we didn't consider was that their tables are built into the ground, so we were all even more ghettoly scattered. (Yes that's a word.)
I have to say I LOVE my family! When we get together there is so much laughing and great conversation. All the brother-in-laws have been great additions, there is never a dull moment. The play was hilarious, some inappropriate comedy that they could have done without, but over all very enjoyable. The saddest part of the night was having to say goodbye to each other, and these sad farewells continued in loud tones as we all crossed streets and went our own ways. Our family love was shared by all. The next Broadway night of family merriment, The Lion King. May I suggest the Costco food court?


  1. Oh...that sounds like so much fun!!! I miss everyone!!!

  2. I'm soooooooo jealous! Sounds like a blast! I have to say, I love your family too! (Of course, they're my family too I guess!) :) I can totally picture you all farewelling across the streets! How FUN!