Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Toy for All.....

This is Toby cat. When we started coming home with things for Adelle such as: carseats, bassinet, diaper station, bouncy chair and this play mat, he was in cat heaven. Everything was perfect cat size and he was thinking we just loved him a whole lot. Now he's getting shoo'd out of all ''his'' toys and he just doesnt get it. Poor cat.

This is Darla bird. She has been one poor neglected bird since living at Dad's because her play gym that I usually put her on during the day is now in storage. This means she's locked in her cage all day long, and she gets neglected and gets upset and loud. Not good when Adelle's sleeping. So I got creative. I know what your thinking, I put her here on purpose? Am I the worst Mom in the world? Well notice the towl on the bottom? Thats right, the mat is poo poo free. OK so i am a bad Mom. But were poor and ALL sharing a room and my little girl will have the strongest immune system of all her peers. (By the way I just noticed their are innitials on this towel, L.G. Is this your towel Lynne? Did my Dad steal it and now I am using it to catch Darla's poo poo? I am sorry)

And finally the occupant for which this toy was intended. See her smiling at her new friends? Priceless!

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  1. Maybe that is my towel, but I willingly donate it to the cause and don't care to have it back. It looks like it's doing what it needs to do....protecting Adelle