Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And Time Goes On..

Adelle met her Great Granddad Watson today for the first time. (It's been REALLY hard getting there at the same time Adelle is awake AND happy.) It was very precious! In my baby book my Mother wrote that when I was born and Grandpa came to visit me at the hospital, he didn't want to put me down. That was always very sweet to me, so I was very excited to have him meet Adelle. This is her last surviving Great-Grandparent on my side, and he's doing so well. (He informed me today he was almost to the 90 mark!)

We also saw that Grandpa had his own little one. He and Kathleen got a little new babydoll kitten a few weeks ago, they named her peaches. I could tell Grandpa was awestruck by her, he's missed his previous cat Kawn. So we shared "baby" stories and admired each others. It was a sweet visit.

We love you Grandpa! (Oops, sorry I didn't get a picture of your baby.)


  1. Oh...he is so cute! I miss him!!!

  2. your little girl is just a doll ariane. i just wish we were all a little closer so we could get to cuddle with her. and thanks for the picture of grandpa, it's good to see him smiling... makes me a little homesick for alaska and family! love you!

  3. Awwwwwwww, what a great picture of the two of them! I miss Grandpa!!! :) I didn't know he got a new kitten, how fun!