Saturday, June 6, 2009

Puzzle Pieces...

Ryan went back on the slope Thursday and he's been having problems downloading Adelle pictures through email on his phone. So today he called and asked that I put up some pictures of Adelle on the blog, since he can access that just fine.

My struggle is that just posting random pieces of Adelle with no real reason seems way too disorganized for me, plus I feel like people would be in Adelle overload. (Can that really happen? Its not like you can hear her crying..). But whatever. Ryan needs to see his daughter so I apologize in advance for the random puzzle pieces that make up our life. I'll be doing these montages more often. I hope you enjoy, this means many more posts. (But I'll give you a two weak break when Ryan's back.)

"I think I can get a third hand in...."

Adelle decided she likes to suck on string cheese. She was really motivated to hold on to it and not lose it. She's still working on the coordination :o)

We went camping for the day at my Dad's property, I love the way her face looks while sitting in her bumbo!

First cereal!

K, that was a lot! Stay tuned....


  1. I hope it's not too bad because I do montages like this all the time, mostly because I forget to post for forever and then don't feel like giving a written update, so I just update with a string of photos!!
    Your girl is SO adorable! Jordan and I are coming up for a month real soon, we'll be there for the family primrose trip so I hope you can make it too and our girlies can play together! Love you!

  2. I love the string cheese picture. OH those eyes!
    Feel free to throw up a bunch of cute pictures anytime. They are so fun to see.

  3. What great pictures! And I especially love that first one of the two of you, beautiful!

  4. Maybe it's a lot to download, but I thought that we perfect. I think random cuteness is the job of new mothers and blogs. Keep 'em coming. :)

  5. Typo "I thought that they were perfect." is what I meant to write.