Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bear With Me...

Just a normal day in Anchorage. Adelle and I dropped Ryan off at the airport, we ran some errands and then I stopped by my Dad's. When we left and were driving away I saw a medium sized black bear running besides the road. Now for those of you who don't live in Alaska, you may be thinking this is a regular occurrence. Well it's not, bears aren't like Moose, we don't see them often in the heart of Anchorage. Occasionally they break the borders but it's rare, and normally they stay close to the borders. Living in Alaska my whole life this is the second bear I've seen in Anchorage, the other was up on hillside which is pretty much wild country anyway.

So I did the crazy driver thing, freaked out with excitement, grabbed my camera and started driving crazily through all the back neighborhoods as it snuck through yards and came out on the other side. We found it again coming off someones porch, he walked over to their dumpster, jumped up and started scavenging for lunch.

It is illegal to have an uncovered garbage can or dumpster for this reason. As to why Fish and Game aren't doing anything about it I really have no clue. I called 911 to report this sighting and the lady treated me like I was crazy. "Yes Ma'm we know, anythingelse?" "Ya, the bear ate my arm". Rude ol 911 operator. I should have gotten her name so if I ever do have an emergency I can tell them I have an emergency and I don't want to talk to ________.


  1. yeah, i don't think i ever saw a bear in anchorage... that is quite a sighting! i love following your blog, hope you guys are doing well!

  2. Only your second? In Eagle River we saw quite a few, maybe not a ton, but definitely more than two in our yard in my lifetime. I have to admit though I still get excited, actually I still get excited about moose too, I guess I will always be a tourist at heart.