Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cant Stop Laughing...

One of the most fun things about being a parent is laughing at your kids. This picture of Aiden is a new "Watson" classic, taken at the Knik River, Mom, Melissa Vanessa and I laughed good and hard at the beauty that are these goggles. So much so that Melissa and Chris decided to share the joy and gifted them to us. Originally they were meant to add to Ryan's Sex apeal. Once that was done, we found other ways to use them.

Exibit A

Exibit B

I think we've made good use of these. Who wants them next? Campbells??


  1. Nathan says "she dosn`t look happy" It definetly will keep off the boys maybe you should hang on to them!You`r having too much fun while Ryan is home!!

  2. Hey I found you!! Fun Blog--just a warning if you check mine out--I talk a LOT, but you probably already figured that out. :)
    Anyway, I will enjoy stalking--uh I mean..reading about you and your family.