Monday, August 31, 2009

Single Mom = Boring Post

So when Ryan's on the slope, we hit certain stumbling blocks that are much easier to accomplish when we live under the same roof. Remember when I posted awhile ago that Ryan can't receive pics via email, and I cant receive them via phone? The only way I can send him a picture is through this blog.

Hence this picture. Why do I want him to see these bolt cutters? The reason is SO stupid I'll let your imagination come up with a better explanation. Feel free to share!


  1. I have to tell you a funny/bizzare story. I had a dream that Ryan and I (my Ryan) were up in Alaska and went to visit you. I've never even met you before, but randomly I'm having dreams about you? weird I know. but anyhoo... you had a HUGE gorgeous house that your husband had built most of for your 8 kids. octuplets to be exact. You were telling us all about how you had hired a cook so you don't have to do it anymore so you could raise your kids. you fed us dinner and then separated all the scraps from our plates into leftovers so you could use them again. i remember Ryan was really jealous of your house and i was getting annoyed that he was so jealous.
    Crazy dream huh? just thought I'd share that a random person in utah, who you've never met, is dreaming about you. :)

  2. I know, I know you bought then off of craigs list for him, and you wanted to make sure you got the right ones? Am I right?
    By the way why do I have to choose an account? way to computer smart for me I didn`t know what to do.....I guess I am now anonymous..... very mysterious