Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Odds and Ends For Daddy...

Behind this is the makings of her Halloween costume. Luckily I am pretty sure it's still a secret as these scraps don't make it too clear. (For everyone else, I know Ryan knows).


Here is us celebrating with the Campbell's on the purchase and sell of our home. FINALLY!!!
The Campbells treated Adelle and I out to Chilles, it was a lot of fun! This was Adelle's first time in a restaurant highchair, she really liked it and I loved how she looked in it. She ate lots of french fries, mashed potatoes and chocolate molten cake. (I am a good Mom I know :o)

Adelle's been playing with a sippy cup of water, I am hoping she'll start drinking the water on purpose and not just on accident.

Ryan forgot his sleeping bag while we were camping with the family at Finger Lakes two weeks ago When I woke up this is how I found him. Trying to stay warm in a polar fleece layering bag, all night long he was Freezing and pushing up against me trying to keep warm. My tough Alaskan Man! (You don't care that I post this do you honey? You look cute in it)

Just so tastey I couldn't resist!

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