Sunday, September 6, 2009

Adelle's New Baby Cousin...

Before going over to see her new cousin, we played outside in the sun. She munched on the pea pods after I shucked them, and she drank orange juice from her sippy cup and LOVED it! She's getting so adventurous.

Adelle and Grandma Marley at the hospital. She held Adelle so I could hold Kalissa. Doing what Grandma's do best.

This is Kalissa Mae Beeson, Ryan's sister Shaeli's first daughter. She was born yesterday, on the Beeson's anniversary. Thunder stealer! She was awake when I first held her, then fell asleep immediately. She was happy and content the whole time I was there. Precious!

Mama and baby. This relationship is such a special one, I am so excited for the Beesons and their new little family!

Adelle and Kalissa. This is her closest cousin in age and gender, I really hope they will grow up to be the best of buddies. See, Adelle is already interested in her! (as a toy really, she loves the bracelet, but you take what you can get)

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