Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fun With the McKerrows...

I was very blessed to Nanny a wonderful family the Mckerrow's MANY years ago. I was with them for three years and learned and loved so much. I started once they'd come home from the hospital. (They were preemies.) They came up to Alaska for a visit recently, and I- lucky as I am got to see them twice! They first came to my home up in Palmer, we ate hamburgers and chatted. How honored I feel for such a house call! I got to see the twins, all grown up and oh so different, and enjoyed seeing where their little personalities have taken them.

This is Sydney and Lucas. Here they are, and their almost 8!

Justin, Amy, Lucas Sydney and Me. (My necklace and earrings were a gift from them)

Sydney really bonded with Adelle, she played and entertained her. Little Mommy in the making.

Two weeks later, the day before they left they called invited me to go on a short hike up by Independence Mine to Gold Cord Lake. Again-so honored! They even provided lunch.

Here's Adelle and I, this is her first real hike.

This is the last remaining structure of the Boom Town, just up the hill from the Mine. I found it interesting that the insulation was the sod-grass and soil. How crafty people are!

Can you see this is the lake? It's so clear that it's almost not recognizable in the picture.

Isn't that color amazing? Can it get anymore beautiful?

Poor floppy Adelle. She was so tired, I feel bad that she had no comfortable position to sleep in. But she was a champ, only cried the last 10 minutes when she was wanting to get out of the wrap. I am very proud of her.

We finally started back down the hill when a wedding party arrived and disturbed the peace. But they went on a perfect day, it was beautiful.

The WHOLE trip was fun! Perfect way to spend a Saturday morning, with people I love. I am still glowing from it! Next plan is to take all my family up there so we can go swimming!!! Who's with me??

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