Friday, December 25, 2009

What My Sister Did....

This is an odd Christmas for Ryan and I because he is working on the slope and won't be home till Tuesday. Adelle and I are patiently waiting to celebrate our Christmas when Ryan gets home. It has been hard, but I know it will be worth it.

In our family my parents started a tradition where each child picked out a cushion on Christmas eve and draped their stocking over it. Christmas morning we would go to our individual cushions and see what Santa left out on them. They would usually be smaller gifts like soda, munchies, a few pieces of clothes and a toy or two. This made it easier for Santa, not having to wrap so much. As kids it was so magical to see how Santa had decorated our cushion.

As we've grown up and matured to our glorious selves, we've tried to keep this tradition going. In the past we've drawn names for "cushions", and had fun decorating them as siblings. This year it got a bit confusing as were not all together Christmas morning.

This morning I was welcomed by a rather shocking cushion display on my front porch, Santa'd by my dear sister Vanessa. She left me ALL sorts of goodies, knowing that I had no husband to do cushions with. This was a Christmas present x 10! She wanted to make my Non-Christmas still Christmasy. How sweet is that? Even sweeter, she sent Ryan up to the slope with a stash of wrapped goodies for him to open Christmas morning.

Could I have asked for a more thoughtful Sister? NOW it feels like Christmas!


  1. I've always wanted to have a sister and you have one of the best!!!

  2. That is so sweet and a fun tradition! I'm excited for Ryan to come home so you can have your Christmas! Merry Christmas tomorrow!