Saturday, January 9, 2010

Here They Come...

Many annoying Motherhood blogs. I can tell I am about to become one of those annoying bloggers that blog about every "cute" thing their kids do. I don't know any of those bloggers but I am sure you do. Put me on that list.

Today I took Adelle's clothes off getting ready to put her in the bath. She sat next to her dirty pile of clothes, grabbed her dirty sock, and put it on her foot. I couldn't believe my eyes. As a nanny I always LOVED that stage when the kids learned the basic idea of where clothes go and try to put it on themselves. Put the hat or the shirt on their head. The rest should fall into place right? I've always wondered when Adelle would get to that point cognitively. I never imaginied it would happen this soon.

After I made a big deal about that, I took the sock away and then asked her to do it again. She did, two more times. It wasn't a fluke, my babies trying to dress herself. Ahhh yippee, this is so much fun!


  1. Uh-hu! As soon as I read that I thought of me and my 'overheards.' Sorry if they annoy you-I did post pictures this time with basically nothing to say. :)
    But that is definitely fun that Adelle is already trying to dress herself-what a girl! And an adorable one at that.

  2. It's not annoying! Maybe because I keep wanting to blog about my baby's cute things . . . but keep 'em coming. I love to read it.

  3. i love the picture of you guys on your banner, your blog got a way cute makeover! i also do not mind the cute baby stories, it's fun to hear about the little moments of discovery!

  4. I love cute baby stories!! And I also love the knew wall paper! AND I also LOVE LOVE LOVE your new picture and think I know just who took it! Just the most talented photographer around! You look absolutely gorgeous Ariane!!