Thursday, April 29, 2010

Billy Curringtong Baby!!!!!

THIS is Billy Currington. He's a country singer who came up to Anchorage on Tuesday and Dad, Vanessa, Devin and I went to see him in concert. But before I talk about the concert I want to give you some back ground.

THIS is my husband. Ryan. See the resemblance? When Ryan and I were dating we broke up a "few" times. The last time we broke up he broke my heart, that was when I realized I really loved him and was ready commit. Go figure. Anyway it was at this same time Billy Currington became more well known and started coming out with music vidoes that would steam up your bathroom mirrors. Or bedroom mirrors, eh hem. Since I already missed Ryan it made watching these vidoes even more painful and I developed a crush on Billy. But Billy never called, and eventually Ryan did, so I said "why not" to Ryan and "your on your own" to Billy. I was very happy to have my sweetheart back.

But still deep down I have a little crush on Billy, which I don't feel too bad admitting because it's because to me he looks like Ryan. So when we went to the concert I couldn't help but drool a little. (Ryan was on the slope so I've been without a man for a long long long long long long time)

There is my confession. Here is the fun we had.

Before the concert we went to Sacks Cafe for dinner and that was wonderful Here's us Waiting for it to start. The room was like 100 degrees, and it wasn't just me in my pregnant body, EVERYone there was hot and sweaty. Accept for that it was a great concert.

As we were driving everyone back to their cars we came upon these freaky masks in the dark. Well you can't pass something like this and NOT take a picture right? We had no clue what they were for, but they were spooky spooky.

Here's us acting dead.

Here's us acting spooky. My spooky and dead rendition may look very similar, but really.......they are. I just couldn't stop laughing.

It was a GREAT night!!!!!


  1. When you said that on FB about them looking alike, I could totally see it! Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. What a fun night! And there is no problem to have a crush on a husband look-a-like. :)

  3. That looks like so much fun! His songs are great!

  4. Yep him and Ryan totally look alike! I like how Billy is pointing right at me in that one picture!! Hee, hee! I also love how you are practically peeing your pants in the last picture!!! Hee, hee, yeah that was WAY fun can`t wait for the next concert!

  5. you guys are hilarious! Love you!