Thursday, May 13, 2010

Meet Baby Lydia

It's been pretty crazy-wonderful around here :o). Here's a last pregnancy shot, me at 39 weeks 2 days. ALMOST done!!!

I went into labor the morning of the 12th, two days before my due date. This was my Grandmother Louine Bromely's birthday, and I was begging her to see that Lydia be born on that day. She came through for me. The contractions took a little time to get going but we went to the Birth Center at 6:30 pm ready to NOT get sent home. (My labor with Adelle totaled 4 days and 4 nights. I was scared to death this would happen again).

The midwife Debbie had us go for a walk to get the contractions stronger since I was only dialated to a 4. When we got back to the center Debbie came into our room with a breast pump (a contracting womans worst enemy. I remember this torture device and wanting to die from it with Adelle) Luckily when she saw my contractions and checked Lydia's heart rate, which was a little high, she decided we needed to give Lydia a break. She let me get in the water. Ahhhhh. My contractions were strong and very effective, so I managed to escape the breast pump torture. Debbie even guessed this baby would be here soon so if I wanted to have my sisters and Mom be here for the birth, or just after, they should be here around 9:30 pm. That was VERY shocking to me as it was only about 8:50 and I had no clue I was moving along that fast. Very exciting.

Soon after this she broke my water, and then after that Debbie informed us that I had an anterior lip. Basically a part of the cervix was not dialating as it should making the baby unable to pass through it. Not that you have this option, but this is something you DON'T want in natural childbirth. This slowed the process down quite a bit, when I should have been pushing I had to wait through the pain hoping that changing positions would move it naturally. After that didn't work Debbie suggested holding it back while I pushed Lydia past this. This was the most painful part of the whole birth, but luckily it worked.

Baby Lydia came out after 10 minutes of pushing and was born at 10:40 weighing 7 lbs 4 oz at 20". She looked up at me the moment she came to my chest and just stared at me.

My Mom said this baby had more vernix on her that she had ever seen any baby have. I totally agree.

The moment she was born we called in the "Female Support Team"and it was SO wonderful for me to have them there. Not only were they so supportive and excited they did all the baby holding while the other stuff went on. Having them there was something that lifted my already high spirits, it was so much fun to hear them talk to each other about anything and everything. Getting stitched up was made pleasant as I was distracted by all the talk about Lost.

My sisters Vanessa and Melissa, and My Mom Pauline, whom Lydia Pauline is named for.

Ryan was the best coach I could have ever asked for. I squeezed his hands and arms and put him through the ringer. That is the closest he will ever come to the pain of childbirth.

I am glad I married this man.

My Mother said she looks like me as an infant and I agree. She also weighed exactly what I did. Pretty niffty.

She has been the best baby so far. Easy to comfort, hardly cries and sleeps a LOT. We love her to death and are so excited for her and Adelle to meet later tonight.

And that is our new family addition. Keep checking in on us as she gets cuter and cuter :o)


  1. Congratulations!!!! She is so beautiful and so alert! You look amazing for just having her. I'm so glad everything went well I had the worst dream about your labor. I'll tell you later. Can't wait to take pictures of this little beauty.

  2. congratulations ariane!! your baby is beautiful, well, BABIES are beautiful. loved reading the birth story too-- i teach childbirth education at providence, kinda funny. LOVE that you have birth center births! my last 2 were homebirths, it's awesome. enjoy your new family of 4!!!
    cara hoggard

  3. Wow...that is amazing! Don't know if I have the courage to do it are amazing and she is beautiful!

  4. You are a brave woman! And you look amazing! Congrats!

  5. Ariane!!!!! CONGRATS!!! Not gonna lie, this gives me HUGE baby envy...again. I'm so glad everything went so quickly for you! HOW in the heck do you come out looking SOO amazing?! I looked like a puffy marshmallow... Stupid C-Section. Let me know when I can come visit!!! LOVE YA!

  6. What a neat baby story. Thanks for blogging you will always have it. Thanks for sharing it with us. I can't wait to photograph her.

  7. YAY! Seriously- what a sweet baby! And you look HOT! Congratulations.

  8. Oh so sweet! I'm so glad it went so well for you and you do look amazing! Love the last picture of you & Lydia together! Good luck-enjoy that sweet new baby!

  9. Wow what a story! I totally didn't remember the whole 4 day 4 nights thing with Adelle. What a trooper. The longest I have ever been in labor it 6.5 hours and I always have an epidural. She is beautiful. I wish I was there to hold her. Congrats!!

  10. Congratulations on the beautiful little girl! Sounds like it went a whole lot smoother for you this time (dispite the anterior lip thing...yeah, I had that with Sophia and I understand how not fun it is!) Great pictures :) Have fun!

  11. wow, yayyyyy!!! Congrats! I am so amazed by you, it sounds like a beautiful and wonderful birth, way to go! Love you guys!!

  12. I'm so happy for you guys! Another blessing! I can't wait to meet her, she's beautiful!

  13. Good job girl!! Congrats on the new baby. I hope you sterilize that bathing suit before you wear it again! You are such a tough mamma for going natural!

  14. Congrats!! I am so happy for your little family, that little baby girl is adorable
    , and I agre with everyone else that you look awesome!!!