Friday, September 17, 2010


Adelle loves to bring Lydia presents. If I leave them together for even a minute I come back to Lydia burried in "gifts". Here we have: 6 books, a telephone, lotion and a speak n say toy.
The good thing is Adelle is getting better at not putting things on Lydia's face, but it still happens. The other day I cam into to find Lydia's face and head completely burried in a firemans hat. She wasn't even upset, probably just trying to figure out why everything went red.
I am happy to say these two are so lucky to have each other :o)

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  1. Oh just looking at the picture I knew that was Adellie-0! That gave me a good laugh for the morning! It is so adorable that already she loves her sister deeply! I wonder if you ever gave me gifts as a little one?