Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Near Death Experience...

Here's how it happened. It was a beautiful sunny day and my dear sweet husband and I were outside talking about "to do" stuff. He was working on moving the fence but took a break so we could brain storm together. We talked about the things we needed to do around the house before it snows, and how we needed to save money. Saving money became our biggest priority, and we both felt really good about it as we walked away to do our own things. Ryan got back in the jeep to pull out the fence posts.
A moment later I heard CRACK. Ryan had pulled out a post that went through the back window and up to the front windsheild. See in the picture below where on the front windshield it hit? Right where the passenger sits. My husband, as STUPID as this was was at least smart enought to stick his head out the side window to protect his head in case this happened.
Thats right, my husband almost died! Now I am sure all of you out there are thinking how sad, and lucky I must feel and yada yada, but really, I was mad. After talking about saving money my husband breaks out BOTH windows, costing us over $400. I have good life insurance on Ryan, not so much on the jeep.
So there you have it. My husband almost dies and I am mad he did such a foolish thing almost killing himself, killing the car and costing us more money. I am working really hard on being more grateful for his life, that we were blessed and that he's still with us. I might still go to he__ because I am not there yet.


  1. So I can totally see how you'd be mad... but now, looking back, aren't you laughing yet? Because I think it's kind of funny! But I am glad he is safe too :) Love you, the other day was so much fun, love you guys, wish we lived her and could get together more regularly!

  2. How scary!!! I'm so glad he was okay!