Thursday, October 7, 2010

Marbles and Life...

Remember those marble towers we played with as kids? You'd build this amazing course for the marbles to travel, and you made it your goal to put marble after marble after marble through the course without skipping a beat. How long could you do this for? Why was this challenge so exhilarating?
We got a marble tower set a week ago and my foster boys did this very thing and it made me reflect on my same actions as a child. Why we as children are attracted to the same monotonous action over and over, with a goal to KEEP IT GOING DON'T LET IT STOP.
Then tonight I was doing dishes. I was doing them at 10:00 at night because I knew if I didn't I would fall behind in the morning and I couldn't let that happen. One marble down the shoot. Pick up the toys before I go to bed....another marble. All of a sudden I realized my life is that tower. I load and unload that dishwasher multiple times a day, I get that feeling of satisfaction yet I didn't do anything different. Just setting up for the next marble so I don't lose my rhythm.
Maybe this is why we are so intrigued by this habitual game as children. Preparing us for the excitement of adulthood.
I have to say I am a little depressed at this thought.


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  2. Adulthood is a strange thing. I don't know if I really enjoy the demanding parts of it. Where is all the fun we thought it was? But at the same time, I have seen some pretty amazing things, met amazing people, and been to amazing places. Maybe that's what adulthood is about the cool things- ya know, like kayaking through Alaska or something. :)

  3. I never thought of those marbles like that, but I totally see it! Especially with things like dishes and laundry, I just try to stay on top of things, they're never really done! My kids love that marble game too, I'll tell them when they're older how much fun real life marbles are....lots of constant work!