Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Annual Apron Swap...

Here we are! Us girls decided to do our first annual apron swap. We drew names and made for aprons for our and then we got together last night and exchanged them. Of course I am the idiot who forgot who my person was and assumed it was Vanessa (when really Mom had Vanessa and I had Mom) so it got a little messed up. Sometimes I am sorry my family has to put up with me. And thanks to my Mom for being inspired and making an extra one for Melissa to chose from.
I made Vanessa's (black and white), Mom made Melissa's (teal and brown) and Vanessa made Mom's (blue and brown) Melissa had me and went ALL out and made little Adelle a matching apron. Is this not the cutest thing ever? Whenever I wear mine, she wants to wear hers. It is most precious!

Oh so cute!

After the swap we all went to Orso's and had some more wonderful. Of course Devin joined us, as he always does for our "girls nights". I've never blogged about our hotel sleepovers, but Devin joins for those too and he makes the perfect girl! (sorry Devin...we know your a man deep deep down...)

When I came home from a long day without my girlies they were so happy to see me. Honestly I think I was more happy to see them. Seriously the best day in a long long time.
I love my family!

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  1. Did you know that we do a swap every year? It's so much fun. We've done scarves, bags, jewelry. We are always looking for fun ideas. You all look great. Our isn't due to give to each other until Christmas and since we don't all live close to each other we make sure it's sent for Christmas. Great memories!!!!