Thursday, November 11, 2010

So much fun in no particular order.

I don't blog much anymore because I've been so busy, and I don't feel like anything is exciting enough to blog about. But if I throw it all together it may seem more interesting.

Here was the BEST NIGHT EVER!!!! We (all four of us) went and saw Mama Mia! It was so wonderful, we ate at Orsoes (yum) and then enjoyed Mama Mia which was hilarious and so entertaining. (double yum) It was so great to have a night off.

We had our annual Halloween party at the Campbells as usual. They made a haunted house out of their garage and it was amazing. It was very well done and planned, they could have charged some good money. Ryan, the Elders and some others all did the scaring, and yes it was scary.

Little Red Ridding Hood lost her hood and didn't know where to find it.

It may not be obvious but I was the Count from Sesame street.

I am trying to give Adelle some good potty time.

She stays on the potty with gum and songs. Here she is singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider. There is nothing cuter than seeing a little naked bum sitting on a potty. Adorable!

Little Lydia is about the cutest thing ever. She is the happiest cutest baby, I keep wondering when I am going to find her fault. I know that sounds so high and mighty, but it's true. She's finally eating solids and she's growing like a weed. She also has two bottom teeth.

Today a friend stopped by my house and asked if Lydia was sleeping. I said "ya, she's down" and then she said "Oh there she is!" She was happily playing on her play mat and I totally forgot about her because she had been so quiet for so long.
I am a horrible Mom, but I love them both anyway!!!!


  1. It looks like life has been fun and busy for you! I love the Halloween pictures, and the night out to Mama Mia sounds awesome! It's so good to see your dad, say hi for me!

  2. I loved those pics Bizzy! I have been a terrible blogger too, mine is do to the fact that my camera totally stinks! The last one of Lydia is so precious and Adelle on the potty is so stinking cute! We sure have had some fun family get-togethers lately, what would I do without my sisters!? Nathan said last night that she is such a good baby, how cute huh?

  3. My favorite is the picture of all of you dressed up. You look like you're coming out of the nine depths of hell but are all gathered under CHRIST! Made me laugh.

    Miss you guys

  4. seriously adorable little girls! i hope my kid is even half as cute. you guys are all so lucky to be living so close to each other, it looks like a blast!