Monday, January 4, 2010

Stinky Boots...

Today I had a moment of pure joy! It goes like this:

Yesterday as I was putting a new pair of boots on Adelle and I started playing a game with her I'll call "stinky boots". I would smell the inside of the boot, sniff loudly so she could hear what I was doing, and then offer it to her. (They're not really stinky.) At first she thought I was trying to feed it to her (she's only 11 months), but after a bit she let me put it over her nose, and sometimes she would make sniffing sounds too. More like she was laughing/sniffing, but I am sure thats what she thought I was doing. I hammed it up! Dramatizing every sniff, every sniff of hers, STINKY STINKY! It was a fun game.

Today I got her ready to go out, put her boots on and sat her on the couch while I got some things done. A few minutes later I looked in on her. She had taken off her boot and was holding it over her nose, ALL on her own. She remembered this game after a whole day! When I laughed at her and asked her if she was playing "Stinky Boots" she laughed like she knew what I was talking about. How brilliant is this little thing?

THIS is what being a parent is all about! Teaching your kids and watching them learn. (maybe I should start with something more intellectual? Nah.)


  1. Cute! The real problem comes when they pick things up that you didn't actually mean to teach them! :)

  2. This is just as cute as her trying to suck out of the antenna! You better wright these in her journal so she can know what a cute, funny, smart girl she was!