Monday, July 12, 2010

The First Harvest...

Here is our garden, the same as last year but bigger and better. We were smarter on the veggies we planted and how we planted them.

It's amazing how the fruit of our labors are birthed overnight. I came into the garden today and I had two beautiful ripe zuchini's and this juicy strawberry. Yesterday it seemed they were still buds on plants.

I was SO excited to eat this strawberry, and it was GOOOOD! We have two large strawberry patches this year. Enough to eat, freeze and share.

These are two long rows of peas. Peas only, I want to have peas coming out of my ear. Peas peas peas I love peas! Again, enough to eat, freeze and share. Of course they're far from being harvested.

Also far from being harvested is these two wittle apples. There were three but I nipped one to help these two grow. It's amazing to me how many Alaskans are un aware that we can grow apples here. Yes they are a bit smaller (these will grow bigger), but they are tasty. Click HERE to see last years fun with Alaskan Apples!

So a strawberry and a zuchini. Wow I am happy! Ooh ooh, and tonight I am going to learn to milk a goat to help my friend out with her farm while she takes her family camping. Stay tuned for THAT blog!! :o)


  1. A garden! Yay! You are so talented! Enjoy your food! You deserve it!

  2. Your garden looks so good. I don't think that I would even try and tackle that. I don't know how you find the energy. But it looks great.

  3. Holy Cow Ariane your garden looks amazing! Don't look at mine when you come over, yours puts it to shame! I loved the zucchini by the way THANK YOU!