Sunday, July 25, 2010

Strawberries, Guns, Corn and Sister Love.

Here's a mash-up of whats been going on around here. (seen Glee? :o))
Lets start with Sister Love.
As I was driving the long ride home from Anchorage, Lydia kept fussing, she couldn't quite fall asleep. It was kinda weird so finally I turned around to see if something was "bugging" her. I am not sure if Adelle was helping or hurting, but she was holding Lydia's hand. She held her hand the whole rest of the car ride home.

On that note, when I was pregnant with Adelle I had a dream that she popped her little hand out of my belly and we held hands all day long. Regardless of how wacko it seems, in my dream it was so touching, I didn't want to let go of her hand to put it back. But I've noticed that Adelle likes to hold hands. Today in church she was persistent on holding a little boys hand, he didn't get what she was trying to do but she kept grabbing it. Very sweet.

I debated putting this picture of Adelle and Lydia up because it is so horrible, I was rushing to take pictures and my camera settings were off, by the time I fixed them Adelle was done. And when she's done shes DONE. I think she was trying to help Lydia talk to her Daddy, like I do to Adelle. I couldn't have asked for a better big sister for Lydia. It also makes me grateful that I have sisters that I love this much.

Adelle learned how to eat corn on the cob. It was hilarious to watch her try to find the kernals and master this art. Just a cute picture.

This has been a great summer for strawberries, we've had SO many! I have discovered a trick. After I pick them from the garden I wash and dry them and then place them in a mason jar in the window. This way they will continue to rippen without the bugs and birds getting them. Not only does it make them ever so tasty, it's quite attractive I think. (I did have to move to a bigger mason jar eventually)

Last of all my Grandpa Best (Ryans Grandpa but I've adopted him) gave me a gun. It's a 22 huntsman. He has so many guns he's been vowing to give them to his grandchildren, but I am one of the few that got lucky enough to actually get one. Isn't that so awesome!? I am a pretty good shot if I do say so myself. (these are the really cool grandparents that have the farm and are teaching me all about farming and provident living)
Ryans going to be on the slope for 3 weeks so I will be posting pictures for him.
Stay tuned sweetie!


  1. I am so glad that you posted that pic of Adelle giving Lydia the phone, I wonder who she would call first!? It is so sweet to see Adelle being such a wonderful sister! You have 2 beautiful gals I sure love them!

  2. Your strawberries are beautiful, you look so great in your gun picture, and what sweet little girls you have! Love that they're holding hands! :)

  3. Those strawberries look amazing! And your daughter do too. :)