Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Doing The Unthinkable...

I say unthinkable because I would have NEVER thought I'd be going on a Kayaking trip 3 months after having a baby. Not because I wouldn't want too, but an over nighter with two babies at home? I lucked out, my Mom had this package for a night at Kayakers Cove out of Seward that her and Randy couldn't use. Vanessa volunteered to watch our kids and Ryan and I were given quite a wonderful surprise all planned out. Yippee!!!!!
The trip started out great, we went to Sewards Museum which I could live at because I LOVE history, especially Alaskan history.

This is where our trip got interesting. We had to take a water taxi out to Kayakers Cove, so we booked through Millers Landing. DON'T ever book through them!!!

Yes we look happy.

Really happy. These were taken right before taking off on this open skiff over open water in the rain and hail for an hour. They didn't tell us this and we showed up to our destination sopping wet, as were our clothes bedding and food. Kayakers Cove is a cabin with no electricity so I was wet the whole two days. Everyone slept in the same room and there was no private place except the outhouse. This made pumping VERY awkward! This made me really mad, but there were other good parts.
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Here's some highlights:

Ahh, this was fun. I thought this was a cool long stick floating in the water but when I got to it it was some weird seaweed thingy that was really long and scary. I kept thinking it would come alive when I touched it. I had to carry my treasure back with me.

We got off on Fox island to pee (details sorry). After this picture something GREAT happened! As we were peeing Ryan said "LOOK", and right there by the shore in the water was a sea lion with a halibut in it's mouth, looking for a place to eat it. Unfortunately he saw us and decided to find another place to eat his grub. We got in our kayaks and tried to find him as fast as we could but to no avail. Our friend was gone.

At another point again Ryan said "Look" and right behind him was a seal, it's head bobbing in the water. He was following us!!! We saw a few pods of porpoises jumping in the water, puffins flying and floating on the water looking for fish (I want a pet puffin), a sea otter eating it's grub and many many jelly fish. We really lucked out on our wildlife viewing.

Besides the wet clothes and the comunial accomidations it was a very fun trip. Thanks so much to Mom and Vanessa for making it possible! Thanks to Ryan for being a fun husband through the craziness and to Miller's Landing I hope you go under!


  1. That was a very fun weekend for us too please do it again soon! I got my little girl fix!

  2. What a fun little trip. I am jealous and glad you guys got a little time away together.

  3. That sounds A-mazing! I'm so proud of you for taking off without the babies. I wish I lived in Alaska. I miss it.

  4. Wow, what a fabulous adventure! I miss Alaska so much, it all looks so beautiful, even with the mist and rain and the cold and wet, I love it all! (Sure beats this 100 degree weather we're having!) You are a super mom, pumping and kayaking, all in a communal cabin! :)